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Digitalization is a new mantra worldwide. Which has covered the entire world in its vast form. Today, there is no country and media in the world that is not affected by its color. Digitization means that what we want to say is written in computer language and transmitted from one end to the other in such a way that there is no change in any form or the other in that message. The first journalist in his country is called Narada Rishi. Messages that were sent from one place to another. The tradition of spreading the news from one place to another with Narada Rishi has taken such a wide form today that if we look back a few decades, we also consider our journalism as primitive era. News sources have undergone revolutionary changes during this period, from newspapers, TVs to iPads, tablets and finally mobile phones. By joining this race of races with new media, aajkinews.net has continuously adopted every change in the last 16 years. Not only this, aajkinews.net has established itself as the most popular news website in India, meeting the criteria of reliability. aajkinews.net is available not only in India but in all countries of the world on all major platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android. We stand firmly on various social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and instant mobile messaging app WhatsApp ‘. Now the online platform is considered as one of the fastest news mediums and online websites are competing to reach the readers. But aajkinews.net has managed to create a distinct identity. aajkinews.net has seriously worked towards delivering information and news to readers, in this phase of changing the look of the global village around the world.

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