Viralvideo (Hiralal Saini Viral Video) | Viralvideo Leaked Beawar

Viralvideo (Hiralal Saini Viral Video) Viralvideo Leaked Beawar
Viralvideo (Hiralal Saini Viral Video) Viralvideo Leaked Beawar
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The lady constable and Hiralal Saini (Hiralal Saini) have been suspended after the video leaked. However, the investigation of the matter is going on. According to reports, Hiral Saini said that this video has been edited.

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An MMS of RPS DSP Hiralal Saini has been leaked online. The police department suspended both of them in the alleged moral misconduct case. After the video leaked, many users have started searching on Google Hirala Saini Viral Video Download. The lady constable posted a picture of the swimming pool in her WhatsApp status on 13 July 2021.

According to the report, the zonal officer and the female constable were doing obscene acts in front of the child while taking a bath in the swimming pool, the video of which has now gone viral. In the video footage, Circle Officer Hiralal Saini is posted at Beawar in Ajmer district.

RPS DSP Beawar Hiralal Saini Swimming Pool MMS Leaked
A viral video of an officer and a woman constable taking a bath in a swimming pool has gone viral. In the case, on the complaint of the husband of the female constable, DGP ML Lather has suspended a police officer and female constable and ordered an investigation. The video is currently unavailable and has been removed. Although many users are searching for Heeral Saini Viral Video.

The most important thing was that the 6-year-old son of the woman was also present in the swimming pool and CO Saini did obscene acts. The husband of the female constable had gone to the SP to complain about the matter.